Poo B Gone Reviews

Why Our Customers Love Poo B Gone…

“Best investment I have made in a long time – Poo B Gone! They ROCK! Excellent prices and fantastic service. I never knew what a load it would take off my schedule. Money well spent and time well saved!!”
– Tony Z., Plano
“If you ever need a reference, let me know. Your service has been outstanding and ultra dependable.”
– Charles S., Dallas
“These girls are the best!!! Came to my house with all my foster dogs and a yard that had not been picked up in months. Less then 1.5 hrs later all clean!!! Now if I could only get them to do my dog laundry and dishes I’d be all set. They do a better job then I do.”
– Tammy L., Dallas
“Poo B Gone is the best service. Not only are they great people but they’re always helping out in the community. I recommend them to everyone.”
– Caleb Lopez, Regional Representative Pet Supplies Plus Dallas
“Lisa does a great job, and is very reliable. Anytime she is going to have to reschedule, she e-mails. It is a great relief not to have do that myself, yet I can have a clean yard!”
– Laurel C., Carrollton
“Lisa and Abbie love on all the babies (at least the ones that like to be loved) when they come. Thanks to Poo B Gone, we don’t have to worry about a dirty yard and if anyone ever has problem poo or something needs attention they always let us know right away!”
– Amy M., Plano
“Just a quick note to say Thanks for all you do! You ladies are amazing and offer the best customer service ever! Love Chloe, Bryan, Tank and Bailey!”
– Chloe A., Plano
“Thank you so much for your service over the past year. You have helped me maintain a clean, safe, and healthy yard! If I can be a reference for your services, please let me know.”
– Neil C., Dallas

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